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          Acrolift is an independant family run business that hire's mobile elevated working platform's specialising in Tracked Spider and Truck Mounted Platforms. We have been providing quality platforms from Manchester since 2006.

         When you hire from us, you will benefit from our truely professional service, we always go that extra mile, our knowledgeable operators will deliver the platform at a time that suits you, familiarise you with the platform during a handover and also assist you during that difficult first move through a narrow gap or up a step slope or steps. We are small enough to care and big enough to deliver.

The Company's history 

         Acrolift has been trading since the beginning of 2006 initially with one vehicle mounted platform based from the proprietor’s driveway. Shortly afterwards the second and third platform arrived, initially we moved to a local farm and then onto some local indutrial units. we are now located centraly in Manchester. As our platform fleet grew so did our compentence and our performance in providing access to the most difficult of areas.

        We have always specialised in Tracked Access Platforms and Vehicle Mounted Platforms and although our work is prodomiatly in the North West we do travel through out the UK with our customers. 

0800 882 4473

0161 652 7457

Acrolift, Unit 11 Piccadilly Trading Estate, Giddings Road, Manchester M1 2NP