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Tracked Spider Platforms

Tracked spiders can work internally and externally and are the ideal solution for narrow access and on fragile or lower pressure surfaces, all our spiders platforms have non-marking tracks and  are supplied with outrigger pads and have two person baskets.

Teupen Leo 15GT

Working height                   14.9m

Lateral outreach (max)        6.40m

Max load in cage                200kg

Travelling height            1.995mm

Travelling width                780mm
Outrigger's set       2.90m x 3.90m
Net Weight                        1952kg

Teupen Leo 15GT Specification

CTE CS 170

Working height                   17.0m
Lateral outreach (max)        7.50m
Max load in cage                200kg
Travelling height             2050mm
Travelling width                780mm
Outrigger's set       2.83m x 2.86m
Net Weight                        2000kg

CTE CS170 Specification

Teupen Leo23GT

Working height                      23m
Lateral outreach (max)      11.20m
Max load in cage                 200kg
Travelling height             1980mm
Travelling width                980mm
Outrigger's set       4.10m x 4.30m
Outrigger Narrow     0.00 x 2.30m

Net Weight                       3010kg

Teupen Leo23GT Specification

Teupen Leo30T

Working height                      30m
Lateral outreach          15.7/14.7m
Max load in cage           80/200kg
Travelling height             1980mm
Travelling width               1580mm
Outrigger's set       4.89m x 4.34m

Outrigger Narrow  6.22m x 2.58m
Net Weight                        4350kg

Teupen Leo30T Specification

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